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On February 3, 2014

Integrating Direct Mail with Social Media

Why You Should Be Integrating Direct Mail with Social Media Whose Side Are You On? Find out why the winning answer is BOTH! In the fight between print vs. digital, digital wins, right? Wrong. While social media hype has certainly revolutionized the advertisement industry, it hasn’t obliterated the need for direct mail marketing. In fact,
On August 8, 2012

Variable Data Printing Features

Print High-Quality, Customizable Mailings with Inkjet Imaging! The advent of wide-array variable data printing offers more customization and personalization than ever before on your mailings! KD Mailing has added variable data inkjet imaging to its services, meaning we can help you send personalized, eye-catching mailings that will grab the attention of your prospects and clients.
On July 27, 2012

What services can a fulfillment house provide you?

The basic answer to this question is simple: a fulfillment house will fill your orders for you. But the complete details of a fulfillment house’s services demonstrate the range of services available should you choose to partner with a fulfillment house: The fulfillment house will take care of your warehousing, stock, and dispatch needs, allowing