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Category: Laser and Print on Demand Articles

On July 25, 2012

Why Use Print On Demand?

Direct mail is certainly considered one of the great vehicles for sales or marketing products and services. Recently, Digital Print on Demand has found it’s way into the hands and minds of the most successful direct mailers. The same rules apply for the use of POD versus 4-color printing. Short 4- color print runs are
On July 25, 2012

Why Use a Digital Printing Company?

Before you can send out your direct mail campaign or even get your direct marketing off the ground you need to first print your copy. Digital printing offers a great degree in design flexibility and speed in setting up small print runs. It also tends to be easier for designers that don’t have experience working
On July 25, 2012

Personalized Printing Services

Personalized printing services are one of the services that a variable data printing company can offer. Personalized printing with variable data and personal URLs (pURLs) is getting more and more popular, especially since the prices are coming down and the quality is going up. Personalized Printing allows you to treat each customer as if they