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On July 14, 2015

Advertising On Shipping Boxes – Does it Work? Amazon Thinks So.


It’s hard to miss bright yellow boxes emblazoned with minions. The attention-grabbing boxes sent out last week by Amazon.com come in three different sizes and are adorned with small, yellow creatures called minions. These quirky characters have either one or two eyes and are featured in the new movie Minions.


The boxes stem from a partnership between Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment, and Amazon, and mark the first time that the eCommerce giant has explored using advertisements on its packaging. For retailers big and small, offering third-party advertisement space on packaging could be an especially viable market. The revenue-generating marketing could offset the costs of free shipping – a perk many consumers have come to expect.

In a recent Adweek.com article, Allen Adamson, the North American chairman at Landor, stated, “Shipping boxes end up in customers’ hands. It’s mail that customers look for and want and it’s unused space, so it’s a really smart move by Amazon to capitalize on a powerful media touch point.”

However, while advertised packaging is a virtually untapped market, analysts recommend treading carefully. They suggest using it for special events, like the release of an upcoming movie, rather than everyday packaging.

Whether the marketing tactic will be successful is yet to be seen, but judging by the buzz the packaging has created online, it seems off to a great start.


Advertise Your Products

When you send a shipment, you probably include some form of advertising inside of the package. Why not try thinking outside of the box? Instead of including a brochure or promo code inside of the packaging, try advertising your own product line on the outside of the box. Not only can this be cost-effective and generate a great ROI, it can also help market your product line to prospects.

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