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On July 27, 2012

5 Ways to Help Your Direct Mail be More Effective

1. Use live stamps. The best mailing service companies will have the ability to affix real looking stamps. “Wherever possible, have your mail house use “real” postage stamps instead of printed indicia, even on non-profit postage groups. The postage is the same; the affixing charge is small; and the response, tested against segments with printed indicia, is almost always significantly better.” – Jan Geddes, University of Michigan

2. Use Direct Impression Addressing: Printing directly on the mailing piece for a more professional look. Using direct impression addressing you will not have any labels on your mail.

3. Stop using ‘teaser’ copy on your mailing envelopes. Nothing screams louder that the direct marketing piece your customer is about to open is an advertisement than a small pre-sell ad. Remember – Most people sort through their mail while standing over the garbage can.

4. Print “RUSH” in red on your envelopes. Try this technique out of some of your test mailings to see how it performs. Many people feel a sense of urgency when they feel that time is somehow involved in the mail they are about to open.

5. Rent More Expensive Lists: The higher quality of list you rent – the more targeted your mailing audience will be. A better target audience will give you a higher response rate. Usually, this will mean that you can send fewer mailings and save money. A quality mailing list is not where you should be cutting corners.


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