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On July 27, 2012

5 Ways to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Business

If your company sells to businesses or consumers, direct mail can help increase the return on your advertising budget. Today, media-savvy consumers are skipping past TV commercials and using spam blockers to block out Internet advertisements, leaving many advertisers searching for a better solution.
Direct mail isn’t a new solution, but it has certainly rivals Internet markets when looking for new customer acquisition. There is some great demographics and information on the USPS Youtube video at :



Both local and international companies are seeing higher returns from mail campaigns. Advertising being what it is, companies always try to emulate the success of their competitors’ marketing campaigns, leading to a surge in mailing services.
If you want to make direct mail work for your company, then you should learn a few direct mail marketing tips and tricks to help make your campaign as profitable as possible. Here are 5 ways to beat the competition and make direct mail work for your company:

    1. Make your brand stand out: You want people to recognize your brand from the moment they look at your direct mail advertisement. This not only includes featuring your company logo prominently in the top corner. But the way people perceive you. Your brand should make you or your company appear as an expert or an authority for the products or services you sell.


    1. Don’t make it look like junk mail: You can limit the number of throwaways by making your advertisements not look like junk mail. Invest some time and creativity into the design process and hire a good copywriter and graphic designer.


    1. Test, then tweak, and optimize your campaign: It’s not smart to launch a campaign and then forget about it. It’s far better to run split tests and tweak the campaign until you achieve good results. Remember don’t blow your advertising budget until you run a successful test first


    1. Avoid the fluff: Most customers will only spend seconds glancing over your direct mail copy before deciding if it is something that can benefit them – and reading further. Make those seconds count by cutting down on fluff. This goes back to having a well designed ad using great graphics and snappy copy.


  1. An obvious call to action: Your product may be revolutionary and your ad design might be flawless, but if you don’t have a call to action, potential customers won’t know what to do with your mailing piece. Make sure every piece of direct mail you send out has an instantly noticeable call to action on it. Drive people to your website, tell people to come to your store for a sale ask them to call you today for a free consultation, you need to make the call to action as obvious as possible.
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