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On August 8, 2012

How Flexible & Effective Is Print On Demand?

Your business has many marketing options, but none of them has all the advantages of print. Digital print on demand provides an affordable and easy way to access these benefits and maximize the effectiveness of your communications. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of using digital print on demand, and understanding how and when to employ this tool can be an important asset for your business.

No other form of marketing combines immediacy and permanency like print, and digital print on demand is a great way to bring these benefits to your business. Whether it’s a newsletter, a brochure, a personalized letter, or a catalog, a printed product is an effective means of getting your message across in a tangible way. People not only hold on to printed products longer than electronic documents, they pass them on to others. Print has a lasting presence that other forms of communication cannot match, and studies have shown that the return on investment from print like direct mail outpaces the ROI from other forms of advertising like e-mails

The increased availability and improved technology of digital print on demand has changed the picture for small print runs, creating a fast, inexpensive alternative. Print runs can generally be completed quickly, and since there are no front-end costs small runs become much more feasible and cost effective.

Besides quick turnaround, digital print on demand allows you to introduce elements of customization and specialization into your printed products, giving you the opportunity to create materials that show your contacts the exact information that would interest and engage them. By taking advantage of these customization options and integrating digital print on demand with other aspects of your business, you can maximize the value of your printed products.

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