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On July 25, 2012

Personalized Printing Services

Personalized printing services are one of the services that a variable data printing company can offer. Personalized printing with variable data and personal URLs (pURLs) is getting more and more popular, especially since the prices are coming down and the quality is going up. Personalized Printing allows you to treat each customer as if they are your only customer. It is the process of combining a database, images, and text into a page layout that is then printed, typically on a color digital printing press which allows for the true individualized print pieces.

Personalized printing is a wonderful way to show your customers you know what they need. Digital Printing is used for personalized printing, or variable data printing (VDP or VI), for example personalized children’s books, which are customized with the specific child’s name and images. The idea of personalized printing is amazing for commercial printers, may they be small or large businesses. It is used to customize each and every document within a run of digital printing so that every document is unique from all other printed documents. Clients that have used our personalized printing service report significantly higher response and sales activity since their communications are more targeted and relevant to the recipients.

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