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On July 25, 2012

Direct Marketing to a Hispanic Population

There are currently around 40 million people in the United States of Hispanic origins. This accounts for nearly 14% of the American population. Due to the advanced fertility rates in the Hispanic community the Hispanic population is set to grow by 188%- meaning there will be close to 67 million Hispanic-Americans living in the United States in 2050. These Hispanic-Americans are set to do quite well- they will be well-educated and well-employed. Many Hispanic-Americans are first or second generation Americans. They probably have not established longstanding loyalty to products, services or establishments. This fact will make it comparatively easier to gain them as clients- if businesses approach them in the proper fashion.

There is no better way to appeal to the Hispanic community than by direct mail. Many Hispanic immigrants do not speak a word of English. This renders typical marketing techniques, such as commercials and billboards, ineffective if they are written in English. Although advertisers are starting to cater to this niche via Spanish channels in television and radio, as well as Spanish newspapers there is still much to be done to attract this audience through direct mail efforts.

At KD Mailing and Fulfillment we offer custom mailing lists for America’s Hispanic community. Direct Mail is not just tailored to the community or key demographic in question. It is tailored to the individual. A personalized letter in the Spanish language will undoubtedly resonate with a Hispanic-American in a way that other advertisements will not be able to do. The Hispanic community is the market of the future and companies must act now.

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