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On July 25, 2012

Direct Mail for Dentists


Still the strongest part of a dental marketing strategy, direct mail and printed material allow you to get your message to patients both in the office and at home. At KD Mailing we are a full mailing serviceshop – we can provides mailing lists, print the mailing pieces and accuately push the mailing.

Rent our mailing lists to reach new patients by canvessing neighborhoods with your marketing material. We have many options available to help ensure that people keep your material and have it on hand when they need a dentist.

We can send postcards to invite new patients, thank them for visiting your office and to reming them of upcoming appointments. This material should reinforce your dental brand. A proper direct mail campaign will actually end up enlisting your patients to help build your dental practice by giving dental referrals when you meet or exceed their expectations.

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