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On July 25, 2012

Direct Marketing Campaigns – A Proven Science

Direct marketing works because it is a science unto itself. When it is used under the direction of the experienced hand it is amazing what can be done. It’s often written that we are losing privacy online when the online world is years behind the targeting that can be done with direct mail.

If you have only worked in internet and not direct marketing, you have not even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to targeting. It is often said that the direct marketing universe can tell more about you than the government. The more targeted your mailing campaign the better your conversion rates will be and direct marketing campaigns are the best targeted marketing available.


Direct marketers know how much money you make each year, how much you spend on almost any kind of purchase, your age, sex, home address and any medical aliments you suffer from plus many other things that you may never want anyone to know.


The thing is – they really don’t care who you are on an individual basis. While it would be no problem to find you on a list, why bother? All they care about is if you will respond to the marketing campaign. The good ones know if you will buy.


If you have not used a direct marketing or direct mail campaign today is the day to start. We can help you design and roll out a campaign that will be well targeted and impact your bottom line. Mailing services from KD Mailing.

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