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On October 13, 2014

Holiday Mailing Tips

Standing in LineWaiting in line at the post office, UPS or FedEx/Kinko’s is not a big deal most of the year, but for a few weeks around the holiday the lines are long, the parking lot is full and the traffic is jammed. If you’re mailing packages during this busy time of year you can lower your stress level by following a few simple guidelines.

  • Long lines.  Plan to drop off your mail at off-peak times.  You can expect the busiest times to be at the end of the work day and lunch. Weekends can also be very busy as the holidays approach and long lines are common. Additionally, parking lots are often full at certain times so plan accordingly.
  • Just as frustrating as the long lines are the people that have not filled out any forms or done any preparation until they get to the counter. Don’t be one of these people – fill out any required forms while you are waiting.
  • Free packaging. One of the most under-used benefits of the USPS is their free packaging material. They provide a variety of box sizes, envelopes, pouches and labels.
  • Pre-paid mail. If you’re going to be mailing gifts and want to avoid line one of the easiest ways to do this is to used pre-paid priority mail. Basically, you buy a pre-paid box or envelope, add the destination address and simply drop it off at the post office. Most of the time you can skip the line and drop it in the large mail chute.
  • Package well.  Most carriers will handle your packages safely, but the holiday’s bring a frantic level of work and when people are super busy – things happen. It’s best to use a box that is slightly larger than the item being shipped and fill the gaps with void fill. While it’s easy to purchase void fill at office supply stores; crumpled up paper works in a pinch.
  • Buy tracking or insurance. If your gifts are valuable you may want to purchase additional insurance or tracking options. While it’s rare for packages to simply disappear – it does happen. The insurance is affordable and generally worth the peace of mind.

Business owners know that sending high volume mail during the holiday season is fraught with stumbling blocks.  An experienced lettershop like KD Mailing can mean the difference between success and failure.

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