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On July 25, 2012

How to Use Variable Printing Data

The days of mass mailing customers with the same tired message where the only element of personalization is a pre-printed address label are over with the advent of variable data printing. We can show you how to better reach your goals while providing a better product to your customers and even save money.

VDP allows you to make individual pieces designed and tailored for each recipient as easily as you could make a generic postcard.  Variable data printing uses digital printing and special software, allowing you to personalize each piece of a project and maximize the return on your marketing investment.  Variable Data printing can make sure the message conforms to the audience.  Variable data printing enables “mass-customization” of documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the “mass-production” of a single document using traditional printing methods.

Response rates for marketing campaigns using variable data printing range from double to 15x the response rates of standard printing.  Of course, variable data printing uses computer printers rather than traditional commercial printing presses.  Our digital variable data printing technology is versatile enough to produce any kind of personalized marketing materials, from training manuals and direct mail to custom playing cards and calendar printing.

Our customer service representatives can show you how to increase your response rates by using variable data printing to personalize your postcard marketing efforts.

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