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On July 25, 2012

Tips for Writing a Sales Letter

So, you have chosen KD Mailing to handle all your mailing service needs for your direct mail campaign.  With our 50+ years in the industry and state of the art facilities you will be well rewarded with an accurate and quality mailing campaign. If you want to get even more from your mailing, here are a few pro tips for your sales letter.

First, start with a single authoritative statement. The best opening paragraph is often just a single sentence.  The first words in your letter are just like your first impression when you meet someone – that is the most important communication that you will make. Everything you need to say should be said up front. All that you want to say can come later.

Second, bold and highlight the best benefits to the customer. When people read sales or ad copy for the first time they don’t read from left to right. Their eyes bounce around jumping from one point to another. By bolding and underlining short benefits you can spoon feed the best ideas directly to your reading customer.

Third, keep your paragraphs short. Long paragraphs are difficult to read and are likely to be skipped over when the customers eyes are jumping over the page looking for a reason to stop. A short paragraph makes it easier to absorb information and more likely that the reader will continue to the subsequent paragraph. If you have a lot of information to share do it with many short paragraphs rather than a few long ones.

Lastly, use a postscript. How often have you received a mailing piece and simply skipped to the bottom to look at the signature and the P.S.? We have been conditioned to quickly check if the letter is personal or if it has any relevance to us. If it doesn’t we often will read nothing else. Make your postscript as personal and emotional as possible.

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