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On July 25, 2012

Literature Fulfillment & Print On Demand

Digital Print on Demand and Literature Fulfillment

There is no better venue for Digital Print on Demand than web based literature fulfillment. To utilize this technology properly, you need to have a full service web based fulfillment solutions service provider that offers shopping cart technology and has the ability to interface with your internal ordering or management systems. KD provides such a service

When creating print to be used in the field by sales or service representatives, its very difficult to determine print usage. Inevitably, the print buyer created too much of one particular brochure and not enough of another. The result, reprint at a premium cost enough brochures to cover your needs until the new version is ready for print and discard or destroy dated material. Since fulfillment centers charge for storage on a per SKU basis you need to consider the cost to maintain this inventory.  Fulfillment users need to decide what SKU’s to preprint and have on hand and when to utilize POD brochures. The use of  online reporting tools with usage reports and graphs to determine the inflow and outflow of your printed material is essential for determining your print needs.

One brochure style may not be appropriate for all your customers or prospects. Not all corporate core brochures fit all your clients or prospects needs. Some of your clients or prospects are larger companies and require the look and feel of a brochure that demonstrates an ability to support a high demand user. Smaller businesses need a brochure option to give them a sense that they will not get lost in the shuffle of corporate business.

KD can help you achieve a One to One marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) look a feel when dealing with your customers. Several One to One or CRM efforts can be managed easily with the use of KD’s POD fulfillment service. KD can create an online shopping cart and provide order placement access to your sales or service representatives. We can provide alternatives so your customers receive the exact brochure that fits their needs, not a brochure that does not fit. KD can also to include an optional personalized letter, business card or premium into the fulfillment package and of course email notify you that the package has been shipped.

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