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On July 27, 2012

Direct Mail Marketing – A Proven Science

When starting a direct marketing campaign, you need a partner who can provide the expertise in mail and lettershop services you need. Your time and your money are important, and you need a partner who can help you make the most of your resources. The right partner will provide the ideas and expertise that will make your direct mail advertising more effective. Here are some of the key elements you should consider:

  • The technology that can meet your needs. From printing the literature you want to providing the mailing services that can save you money, the technology that direct marketing companies employ can provide you with a ac zrange of options while also saving you money. Some direct marketing companies offer printing that can do more than just provide color or black and white options—they can allow you to customize and personalize your content. The technology a mail service provides you allows to maximize the savings for each piece of mail you have them send out.

Remember, though, that technology does not do any job by itself. You need people working on lettershop services that can guide you through your options and help make the technology work for you.

  • Great Mailing lists and the knowledge of what to do with them. Having the right audience for your direct marketing efforts will increase your success, and finding the right audience starts with the right mailing list. It’s not enough for a direct marketing company to have access to a variety of lists, though—they need to understand the strengths of each list, and they need to be able to help you understand which lists will best meet your needs. Make sure you select a partner who knows how to make mailing lists work for you.
  • Options to help you design the direct mail package you want. From small postcards or brochures to mailings packages with multiple inserts, there are many ways to get your message across. The more options that are available to you, the better chance you have to make your direct mail look the way you want it to. Your mailing service partner should be able to provide these options and help you select the one that is right for you.
  • Knowledge of how mailing services can save you money. Direct mail companies or lettershops should have a detailed knowledge of how to ink jet image and tab or wafer seal your mail to give you the most savings. There mail service providers know how to work with the post office to get your direct mail package delivered in the timeframe you want at a cost that works for you.
  • * The range of services your partner offers. A partner with a range of services under one roof gives you plenty of options without requiring you to forge multiple partnerships. A company that provides mailing lists, mailing services, lettershop services, and other direct marketing services can be your one-stop shop to help you successfully carry out your campaign.
  • * How they relate to their clients. Technology is great, and knowledge of the industry can be very useful, but you also need a partner who understands your needs and helps you realize your vision. A partner with extensive experience in direct marketing services can build a relationship with you that puts their resources at your service

A direct marketing company should be ready and willing to talk with you about what they can bring to your campaign. Knowing what to look for and what to ask when you have these conversations will help you select the partner that is right for you.


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