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On July 27, 2012

Tips for Using Personalized URLS

Design your PURL landing page to be simple with clear calls to action – a good lettershop company can help you create a high impact design. Avoid trying competing messages or just too many messages that when viewed the first time can seem confusing or busy. Focus on keeping forms simple and reduce the number of questions to those that are absolutely necessary to grab the contact information from the visitor.

Make sure your PURL landing page is built so that the major design elements can be easily swapped out. This is done so that you can change images or blocks of content quickly and easily to a changing market.

Test your PURLs. Too often businesses create a PURL landing page and then never test different designs or messages. Split testing these pages will give data that can be used to increase conversion rates – leading to more sales. Testing is the most important part of your direct mail campaign. Always test. Always improve.

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