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On August 8, 2012

Uses of Digital Print on Demand

Print on demand presents a variety of options so that you can design your prints to look just the way you want. These choices include producing a color or black-and-white document; making prints as small as a postcard or as large as a multi-page catalog; and choosing between a variety of paper stocks and finishes.

These choices provide a number of possible uses for print on demand, including:

2.Brochures and leaflets
3.Sell sheets
5.Personalized letters
6.Training materials
7.Conference handouts

You may have other ideas for a printed product—talk with a printer to find a way to turn your idea into a finished product!

The increased availability and improved technology of digital print on demand has changed the picture for small print runs, creating a fast, inexpensive alternative. Print runs can generally be completed quickly, and since there are no front-end costs small runs become much more feasible and cost effective.

Besides quick turnaround, digital print on demand allows you to introduce elements of customization and specialization into your printed products, giving you the opportunity to create materials that show your contacts the exact information that would interest and engage them. By taking advantage of these customization options and integrating digital print on demand with other aspects of your business, you can maximize the value of your printed products.

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