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On August 8, 2012

Variable Data Printing Features

Print High-Quality, Customizable Mailings with Inkjet Imaging!

The advent of wide-array variable data printing offers more customization and personalization than ever before on your mailings! KD Mailing has added variable data inkjet imaging to its services, meaning we can help you send personalized, eye-catching mailings that will grab the attention of your prospects and clients. You can print colorful, attention-grabbing messages as wide as eight inches.

Variable data printing (also called VDP)offers all of the same features as traditional ink jet imaging, including bar code printing to save you money and make sure your pieces reach their destination quickly. It also offers more opportunities for customization and exciting design than ever before.

Increase your ROI using your mailing list data

Variable data marketing allows you to print any data from your mailing list almost anywhere on your mailer. This gives you the opportunity to generate custom solicitations and to use information from your mailing list to grab the recipient’s attention. The information can be printed anywhere within eight inches on the mailer in whatever format you choose.

Variable-data printing also know as personalized printing, is a form of on-demand or self-service printing technology in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without interrupting or stopping the printing process.

Swap return addresses

Do you have multiple locations or telephone numbers? Would you like your prospects and clients to know the address of the location nearest to them? Variable data inkjet printing allows you to swap out different return addresses so your clients get the best information for their location. You can use this technology to make sure clients know where to go to visit you, or you can provide them with the best contact person or phone number to call your organization.

Customize fonts

Not only can address info and mailing list data be printed directly on the mailer, but all of it can be printed in a range of fonts so that the type complements the rest of your design or corporate identity. The high resolution of inkjet imaging equipment makes even script fonts appear smooth. Inkjet imaging can help you design and send more eye-pleasing mailers than ever!

Grab attention with color

Mailings that use color get more attention—if you don’t include color in your design, your work is increasingly likely to be ignored. Inkjet imaging provides a fast, affordable way for you to combine spot color and variable data in your design and make sure your mailings are on the cutting edge. When combined with the customization of addresses and fonts, the use of spot color allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your design.

Include images

Use KD Mailing’s variable data printing technology to place an image on your mailer and save yourself a thousand words! The high resolution of inkjet imaging assures that your pieces will look their best. Include your logo, an image of your product, or swap images to send the right message to different recipients on your mailing list—anything that will encourage your clients to give a closer look at what you are sending them.

Include maps

With KD inkjet imaging, not only can you provide the address of your location to clients, but you can help bring them right to your door! Our Inkjet imaging technology allows you to print a map on your mailer so clients can easily find you.

Getting started with wide-array variable data inkjet printing

Now that you know what wide-array variable data inkjet printing can do for you, what do you need to get started? All you need is:

  • A digital file containing the images, text, and layout of your mailer; and

  • A database of your mailing list data linked to the digital file (Need mailing list data? Take a look at KD Mailing’s Data Services).

That’s it! Contact our experts and we’ll make sure your file fits the necessary specifications and is ready to go! We will verify the files so your mailer will be the high-quality printed product you expect.

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