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On July 27, 2012

What is a Lettershop?

While searching for a high volume direct mail company  you may keep seeing the term – Lettershop. Most people don’t know what lettershop services are or what they can do for them.

A lettershop is an industry term that usually references a company that prints, organizes and ships large volume mailings. Most letteshops offer additional services such as graphic design, copywriting, mailing list services and fulfillment services. They will have specialized equipment that will allow mailing pieces to be machine folded, sorted and placed into envelopes. Along with this will be services to personalize the letters with little touches such as what appears to be a real stamp, printing that looks like someone hand addressed the envelope and automatically seal and organize the envelopes for quick delivery by the United States Postal Service.

One of the benefits of using a full service lettershop is commingling of your mailing pieces. Commingling is when the lettershop, for the purposes of saving money with the USPS, will combine your mailing pieces with other companies mailing pieces, sort them into the appropriate codes and then receive a volume discount from the USPS. This discount is greater than what a single company would normally receive. This can be a great savings – up to $50 per 1000 pieces of mail.

Another great benefit of using a lettershop is the ability to handle order fulfillment needs. As the Internet continues to make tremendous increases for ecommerce and lead generation having the ability to ship product or supplies in a fast and cost savings manner is a competitive advantage. KD Mailing, a Chicago lettershop, is a national leader as a full service mailing and fulfillment house.  Using cutting edge technology KD will keep your product safe in its climate controlled, secure, clean, 100,000sf warehouse.

KD Mailing has the expertise to fulfill your order requests, design and print your mailings and ship everything – with cost saving techniques to all your customers.

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