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On July 27, 2012

What services can a fulfillment house provide you?

The basic answer to this question is simple: a fulfillment house will fill your orders for you. But the complete details of a fulfillment house’s services demonstrate the range of services available should you choose to partner with a fulfillment house:

The fulfillment house will take care of your warehousing, stock, and dispatch needs, allowing you to keep on top of your shipping activities without having the burden of taking care of every step of the process yourself.

Fulfillment houses survive based on their ability to accurately and efficiently ship high volumes of product. Since packing and shipping is these houses’ area of expertise, they can often get your orders packed and shipped faster than your old process. Your business can acquire this expertise without having to go through the difficult process of gaining it through experience.

A quality fulfillment house will have the latest high-end software and the knowledge to use it well. This software not only will help make the shipping process more efficient, but it will also allow for smooth communication between a business and a fulfillment house.

Online tools, ordering via the web. Shopping carts or customer ordering systems. Inventory tracking order tracking etc. All this is found in KD’s fulfillment section.

Fulfillment houses understand the various fluctuations in shipping times due to holidays, and they can take these into account to make sure packages arrive when they’re supposed to.

A fulfillment house knows which boxes to use for each shipment. Reducing wasted packing space and putting items in as small a package as possible saves shipping costs.

Large fulfillment centers usually have a mailing center, which could be useful to your business if you ever have direct mail needs. KD Mailing can lower your shipping costs.

Fulfillment houses usually have their own shipping docks, which can make receiving deliveries of certain items easier and possibly less expensive for your business.

This is, of course, only a partial list. The exact services offered by individual fulfillment houses will vary, so business owners should ask individual houses what services they can provide and how a partnership can best function.

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