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On April 21, 2015

Why Marketing and Sample Kits Matter

So you’re thinking about creating sample or marketing kits… but you don’t know what your options are – or where to even begin. You’re not alone; every year thousands of companies turn to fulfillment providers to help them manage assembly and distribution of marketing kits. But before we start talking about fulfillment, let’s dive right in to how you can create the ultimate marketing or sample kit.

Creating a Marketing Kit that Stands Out

Kits come in all shapes and sizes; they can be created from materials like vinyl, plastics, printed corrugated boxes and wood, or even embellished with scents. And while aesthetics are important, organization and functionality should be a focal point, too. Concentrating on the package’s functionality tends to earn major brownie points with consumers. In fact, consumers are significantly happier when a product’s packaging is easy to open and close and the products are easily viewed. It’s the little things, right?

A key factor is to create a marketing or sample kit that sell. Your marketing kits should incorporate at least two of the five senses of direct mail. Here are a few examples of how each sense can make a powerful statement:


Sight – It’s the first thing that grabs their attention, so add a “wow” factor to your kits by including 3D objects on glossy packaging or incorporating unique die cuts.



Taste – Let your product sell itself. If you offer an edible product, include a sample in your marketing kit. Everyone loves a freebie, and after just one bite, they’ll be hooked!



Sound – Your brand has something important to say, so why not use sound or voice recordings to say it? Embedding a sound clip into your marketing kit is the perfect way to attract attention.



Touch – No matter what you sell, you can utilize the power of touch. Use unique cardstock or embossments, or better yet, if your product is something that can be felt, like clothing, send a small fabric sample inside your kit.



Smell – Do you sell lotion, soap, or perfume? Include a scratch and sniff or sample inside your kit or on the outside packaging.



Fulfillment Options


Using a fulfillment company is one of the best ways for managing inventory and ensuring smooth, timely and cost effective shipments. You can leverage our relationships with most major package carriers and achieve special discounted shipping rates too. We offer multiple options to meet each business’ unique needs.

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