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On July 25, 2012

Why Use a Digital Printing Company?

Before you can send out your direct mail campaign or even get your direct marketing off the ground you need to first print your copy. Digital printing offers a great degree in design flexibility and speed in setting up small print runs. It also tends to be easier for designers that don’t have experience working with offset printers which quickly shows when it comes to blending designs. For example – If, on your brochure cover, you have a light gray that blends to the paper midway up the page it will look fine on the computer screen. You will see a smooth blend to from gray to white.

With offset printing there is a drop off point for both black and white called the “last printable dot”. Most offset presses cannot maintain less than a 3% to 5% dot fade. What happens is the blend stop suddenly at 3% which forms a noticeable line at the edge of your blend.

A good design can be planned well from the beginning to avoid these technical issues but one of the easiest ways to get your design to look superb when you don’t have commercial printing experience is to use a digital printing solution.

Another potential issue is the fact that RGB and CMYK are, with rare exception, not equivalent. Different lighting, reflections, gamut shifts, dot gain and color contamination are real problems that can often be eliminated with a good digital printing company.

Most designers weasel out of this with “I’m a designer, don’t ask me to fix your problems for you” (honestly, I have heard this in reaction to a poorly prepared design) when in fact, the problem was designed into the project and an uncompromising designer refused to budge.

There is a place for the large volume commercial printing(KD Mailing has over 50 years experience in high volume printing), but there are also situations where digital printing makes the most sense. KD Mailing is on the leading edge of digital printing and can fulfill your printing, mailing services and fulfillment needs.

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