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On July 25, 2012

Why Use Print On Demand?

Direct mail is certainly considered one of the great vehicles for sales or marketing products and services. Recently, Digital Print on Demand has found it’s way into the hands and minds of the most successful direct mailers. The same rules apply for the use of POD versus 4-color printing. Short 4- color print runs are too expensive when going to the traditional off-set printer. With the use of POD technology, the data on any mailing list can be imaged at the same time the mailing piece is being printed. Even better, other information on the mailing list can also be imaged onto the mailing piece as well, such as return address sales information, telephone numbers etc.

If you’re a service company with 100 offices, do you create 100 versions of your brochure and hope that you can estimate how many brochures each office will require? Or do you make available one Digital Print on Demand brochures with interchangeable address options.

Here’s a great example and use for this “One to One” marketing. Grapes Wine Bar created a mailing list of all there customers. Grapes not only requested the mailing information when compiling their mailing list they also acquired their customers birthday and favorite wine. We incorporated that information into the 4-color digital printing. Below are the samples of the Digital Print on Demand we created.

If you think about it, it’s very simple. If you’re in the ice cream business and your customer likes chocolate ice cream why send them a direct mail piece worth 50% off your next vanilla cone.

There are several changes in the direct mail industry. First, print quality is not defined as just the quality of the print but the response to the message of the print. And the mail list and the updating of the mailing list is now more important than ever with the constant increases of postage and paper cost. It’s all about ROI.

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