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On July 25, 2012

Direct Mail Services for Small Businesses

Direct mail for small businesses can be a great advertising tool that is affordable and trusted advertising. Direct mail can include either cooperative mail or solo advertising. Cooperative mail is a technique that involves sending your advertisements out with other companies’ ads, a method that can be highly cost-effective. However, solo ads can be more efficient when trying to reach customers. Here we outline the pros and cons so you can decide if direct mail is an ideal technique for your small business.

There are several advantages of using direct mail to advertise your business. First of all, it is a highly targeted method of advertisement, so if you know who your target audience is for your product or services, you can be sure that you are sending your advertisements to those people that are interested. Also, it is very easy to track, so companies can easily determine how many sales were made from this method. Another advantage is that you can include highly informative information in this type of advertising, where you are much more limited with other forms.

While these advantages are great for some small businesses, there can be some disadvantages if you don’t use the right direct mail company. An experienced mailing services company (or lettershop) can utilize cost savings techniques and pass that savings on to you.  For example, sending out many thousands of mailing pieces can be made cheaper using co-palletization, but to take advantage of this USPS offering you will need to work with a company that has the necessary experience and capability. Another way to help ensure success is to buy a quality mailing list. The best mailing lists will allow you to properly target your audience – this means more opened letters and more conversions and an overall lowed expense.

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