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On August 30, 2015

Americans Still Look Forward to Receiving Traditional Mail

Do you get like opening your mailbox at the end of the day? If so, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by Gallup Daily, 41% of Americans look forward to checking their mailbox. And of those 41%, Americans 65 and older are the most likely to enjoy checking the mail, while a noteworthy
On July 14, 2015

Advertising On Shipping Boxes – Does it Work? Amazon Thinks So.

It’s hard to miss bright yellow boxes emblazoned with minions. The attention-grabbing boxes sent out last week by Amazon.com come in three different sizes and are adorned with small, yellow creatures called minions. These quirky characters have either one or two eyes and are featured in the new movie Minions. The boxes stem from a
On June 14, 2015

USPS Roundup: Discover the Latest News from USPS

USPS’ Financial Future Brighter Than Reported According to Fredric Rolando, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers in Washington D.C., all of the bad press surrounding USPS’ finances are the result of a congressional order. In 2006, congress ordered the Postal Service to pre-fund retiree health benefits 75 years into the future. Rolando attributes